Flora Garden Ephesus

Opening it’s doors at Kuşadası Davutlar (Love Beach) is Flora Garden Ephesus Hotel, a newly built holiday complex in the unique natural beauty of the Agaean coastline surrounded by an oasis of tall eucalyptus trees.

Flora Garden Ephesus presents a modern and sophisticated design concept, delivering a higher quality of service expectations than of most standard holiday packages. Our primary focus is to provide a personalised service that fufills all of your requirements. The uniquly designed hotel caters specifically for families with children who want an extra personalised servcie and couples who are looking for that luxurious romantic break.

The complex, consisting of of 238 rooms based over an area of 13,000 Sq m, attracts attention with its chic and unique architecture, its advantageous location by the coastline and being so close to the main city it is the perfect choice.
  • Special Offers

    Benefit from our special offer prepared for you to enjoy your holiday with your spending could mean. You can also use the contact number on the contact part to contact us.
  • Kusadasi

    A town of Kusadasi in Turkey's Aydin province. District located north-west of the province, Aydin province, 71 km., 95 km from Izmir city center. away. Aegean Sea coastal town in the installation, one of Turkey's most important tourism centers.
  • For Kids

    Facilities for children in the mini club, a playground and children's splash pool.
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