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Flora Garden Ephesus Spa Wellness

Faustina SPA where all the details are considered with the utmost care is among the amazing features of Flora Garden Ephesus. It's beautiful positive energy and atmosphere through its chic and specifically decorated massage rooms, carefully planned relaxation, refinement programs and plentiful choices of presentations in exotic fragrances. Indulge yourselves with the joy of a whole body relaxation while our expert therapists apply their wonderful magical touches in the sessions conducted with the world famous cosmetic brands. 

The steam bath, Jacuzzi, ice grotto, indoor pool, relaxation room and Turkish bath will dissolve away any tiredness and stress while you enjoy  the wonderful experience we offer.

Please get ready for a disparate experience in the Turkish bath where you are provided with the joy of an authentic bath experience and relaxation together. Enjoy the traditional Turkish bath composed of a refining exfoliation followed by a relaxing olive oil soap foam massage and enlivening, revitalising ice treatment.

This unique SPA  service is available within the SPA suites, all the details are meticulously designed and include our steam room, Turkish bath and relaxation zone for a privileged experience making you feel very special as you offer your body a medley of glimmer and vitality through the individually oriented personal care, natural aromatic zephyrs, whilst listening to the melody of birds and water. Special treats, massage and care applied with world-famous brands. 

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    A town of Kusadasi in Turkey's Aydin province. District located north-west of the province, Aydin province, 71 km., 95 km from Izmir city center. away. Aegean Sea coastal town in the installation, one of Turkey's most important tourism centers.
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    Facilities for children in the mini club, a playground and children's splash pool.
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