Sentido Flora Garden


SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts enlarged the portfolio to 68 hotels. 17 new hotels in Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey joined the franchise group.


In summer 2014 SENTIDO expands to 49 hotels and two cruise ships in 13 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Montenegro, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia and Turkey). 2 hotels in Spain are joining the SENTIDO Hotels for the Winter season 2014/2015.


The SENTIDO portfolio is enlarged to 44 hotels and 2 cruise ships in 13 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Kenya, Montenegro, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey).


Further hotels join the franchise group and SENTIDO now consists of 40 hotels and 2 cruise ships in 10 countries (Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Kenya, Montenegro, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey).


Further hotels join the group. In 2011, 31 hotels and 2 Nile cruise ships offer holiday 'for all the senses' under the name SENTIDO.


7  hotels are added to the SENTIDO portfolio. A total of 24 hotels & resorts around the Mediterranean operate under the SENTIDO brand.


Foundation of the international hotel chain SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts. The head office is located in Oberursel near Frankfurt, Germany. 
The company is part of the Thomas Cook Group.

In the year of foundation 17 hotels and 2 cruise ships form the SENTIDO family.
All hotels are within the four-star plus segment and are operated under franchise contracts.

The SENTIDO hotel concept targets discerning single travellers, couples and small families, who are not only looking for quality and service but also value a broad range of good food, Spa services as well as an extensive sports and entertainment programme.



Senses Concept

The idea of SENTIDO is based on a senses concept:


Touch is based on trust and signals well-being. Because it creates an intimate emotional bond, SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts values soft, cosy towels and lets you choose from a broad and comfortable pillow menu. You will find a very relaxed atmosphere in the SENTIDO Blue Bar.


If sounds stimulate emotions, smells can trigger memories. And because nothing is as personal and unique as your own scent, a special aroma concept has been created for SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts giving them a highly individual feel – so that guests can think back to their holidays long after they have left.


Moods and emotions are to music like sand is to the sea. A sound wave can spark joy, relaxation or pure lust for life. Gentle music composed for SENTIDO welcomes our guests to relax upon arrival in the hotel lobby and invites them to switch off and dream.


The heart of our hotels is the kitchen. Quality, freshness and regional aromas set the scene. The lovingly arranged buffets offers a choice of specialty restaurants, themed buffets and , vegetarians, vegans and allergic guests.


First impression is important. Even from the outside our hotels are an impressive sight with their fascinating and specially designed atmospheric lighting. In the interior areas we attend to detail with stylish furnishing, fresh flower arrangements and harmonious lighting to further enhance the feeling of warm hospitality.


  • Romantic Dinner

    Your birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries We are here when you want to have or spend private time. Unique presentation of the food you prepared exclusively with the waves of the sea pier will feel like you are special. (One of our paid services)
  • Honeymoon and Wedding Anniversary

    Here at SENTIDO Flora Garden we offer the perfect way to relax after your big day. Right down to the smallest details we offer a range of bespoke Honeymoon packages and help you make a lifetime of memories that you will cherish.
  • Adults Only +16 Couples Concept

    Adults Only +16 – Couples Concept is a collection of contemporary, adults-only hotels. Expect things like inviting pool scenes, sophisticated décor, stylish eateries and standout locations. Adults Only +16 – Couples Concept are all about taking it easy and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.
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