Sentido Flora Garden

The SENTIDO Holiday Plus Activities are designed to make your holiday even more special, and consist of a number of individual programmes. Select your favourite activity on offer – for all the senses, for the body and spirit, and for all ages.

The Holiday Concierge of the SENTIDO Hotel will keep you up-to-date.

Body & Mind

With the Body & Mind programme you will stay fit in a relaxing way. The Body & Mind programme includes the activities SENTIDO Daybreak, SENTIDO Aqua Fit and SENTIDO Sexy Six Pack. The SENTIDO Daybreak is a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates accompanied by calming SENTIDO music. Start your day with our choreography by the pool or beach. SENTIDO Aqua Fit is the splashy fun water experience for all those who are into fitness, fun and vitality. The full body workout takes place in the hotel pool with SENTIDO music. SENTIDO Sexy Six Pack is a training programme for the tummy and your back. Attack the project Six Pack with a range of exercises with SENTIDO music.

Culture & People

Get to know the country you are visiting and its people with the Culture & People programme. The Culture & People programme covers the three activities SENTIDO Discovery Walk, SENTIDO Cooking Session and SENTIDO Local Wine Tasting. The tours of the Discovery Walk take you to beaches, villages and markets in the area. Discover the nature and culture of your destination and learn some tips and tricks from your travel guide to help you gain even more unforgettable holiday experiences.

The SENTIDO Cooking Session will introduce you to the secrets of the typical cuisine. This is a unique and unforgettable way to learn something about your destination. You will prepare local food with the help of the chef and on returning home you can surprise your friends and family with what you have learned.

The SENTIDO Local Wine Tasting gives you the opportunity to sample the best wines of the regions. The wine tasting takes place in the SENTIDO Blue Bar.

The SENTIDO Blue Bar is an ideal place to relax in comfort and make contact with other hotel guests. Have a wonderful end to the day with a tasty drink in the SENTIDO Blue Bar.

  • Romantic Dinner

    Your birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries We are here when you want to have or spend private time. Unique presentation of the food you prepared exclusively with the waves of the sea pier will feel like you are special. (One of our paid services)
  • Honeymoon and Wedding Anniversary

    Here at SENTIDO Flora Garden we offer the perfect way to relax after your big day. Right down to the smallest details we offer a range of bespoke Honeymoon packages and help you make a lifetime of memories that you will cherish.
  • Adults Only +16 Couples Concept

    Adults Only +16 – Couples Concept is a collection of contemporary, adults-only hotels. Expect things like inviting pool scenes, sophisticated décor, stylish eateries and standout locations. Adults Only +16 – Couples Concept are all about taking it easy and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.
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