Sentido Flora Garden
Human Resources


Human Resources


 Smiling and Genuineness; 

 We are always genuine to ourselves and to our guests, we do know of the importance of smiling. 


 We provide every kind of help for our guests and make them feel that we care for them.


 We are sensitive for environment, and create the difference with our conscious and difference.  

Solution Orientated; 

 We produce constructive alternatives against the issues by asking the right and strong questions and analyzing our resources.


 We trust, love, and respect at every level of our service.


 We provide the 100% satisfaction of our guests and employees. 


 We are protect our standards of quality in every level of our services. 


 We do protect our standards of quality in every level of our services.


 We are creative and open for new.   

Team Work;

We respect the individual differences and work with this conscious. The success belongs to all of us. Both being successful and not successful of the corp. is ours.  

We Are Open To Critics ; 

 We count every situation as an opportunity for improving the culture of the corp., accept the warnings and critics as an improvement to the corp. culture. 


  • Romantic Dinner

    Your birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries We are here when you want to have or spend private time. Unique presentation of the food you prepared exclusively with the waves of the sea pier will feel like you are special. (One of our paid services)
  • Honeymoon and Wedding Anniversary

    Here at SENTIDO Flora Garden we offer the perfect way to relax after your big day. Right down to the smallest details we offer a range of bespoke Honeymoon packages and help you make a lifetime of memories that you will cherish.
  • Adults Only +16 Couples Concept

    Adults Only +16 – Couples Concept is a collection of contemporary, adults-only hotels. Expect things like inviting pool scenes, sophisticated décor, stylish eateries and standout locations. Adults Only +16 – Couples Concept are all about taking it easy and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.
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