Sentido Flora Garden



Flora Garden Hotels Social Community Quality Health and Safety Policy Statement

SENTIDO Flora Garden, fully committed to quality systems ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 10002, ISO 14001 and we have those certifications. 
We value our guests and employees, people and the wider environment equally and committed to maintain high standards in support of these initiatives. We develop and update our health and safety policies continuously to ensure that we are maintaining a safe and secure environment for our guests, employees and suppliers. 
We in Flora Garden Hotels believe that we can differ and therefore we are committed to:

Encourage creative thinking and reward it by impellent daily pacts.

Cooperate with all regulatory authorities and bodies promoting and implementing best practices.

ADA Facilities

Flora Garden Hotels respects that every single Guest has different needs and we aim to make Hotel facilities accessible and especially available to all our guests in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act. Therefore, we provide accessible car parking, accessible and portable entrance, accessible WC, accessible Sun-Deck and adapted bedrooms and  Toilets.


In Flora Garden Hotels, supplies as fresh products, wine, meet, bread, fresh Beer, local refreshments, are purchased from local traders, showing commitment to eco friendly products and suppliers, while cutting down on needless travel and fuel emissions. This will help reduce CO2 emissions from transportation of products from international destinations. Wherever possible, we pay our suppliers within the credit terms they request.  

Promotion of Responsible Tourism
In the Area Through the meetings, forums, continuous seminars and personal contacts, we are able to promote alternative solutions in Tourism in order to create opportunities for greater economic and social benefits for the residential and business community. We encourage our guests to go on excursions to see local people, and discover more about their local traditions. 


The teamwork of our Hotel staff and the quality of service offered to guests are vital pieces of our business. The local culture of our country is a crucial part of the process of making Flora Garden Hotels a successful Hotel.
By developing local talents can be an effective strategy on creating initially loyalty, responsibility within the Hotel, boosting the level of services willing to provide to our guests. Moreover, recruiting local people as employees has a positive effect to the yearly employee turnover. The hotel is COMMITTED to provide a healthy, hazard free environment for all of its employees, subcontractors, visitors and guests. The health and safety policy should be reviewed at least annually, or more frequently if required (i.e. after  an accident) to ensure that it is both  adequate and effective.

Before even the completion of the Hotel, our vision is the preservation of the natural environment, the continuation of our cultural heritage and the conservation of social responsibility. The Management and the Staff of Flora Garden Hotels is dedicated to uphold all the best practices in favor of a better future and a healthy tourism.

  • Romantic Dinner

    Your birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries We are here when you want to have or spend private time. Unique presentation of the food you prepared exclusively with the waves of the sea pier will feel like you are special. (One of our paid services)
  • Honeymoon and Wedding Anniversary

    Here at SENTIDO Flora Garden we offer the perfect way to relax after your big day. Right down to the smallest details we offer a range of bespoke Honeymoon packages and help you make a lifetime of memories that you will cherish.
  • Adults Only +16 Couples Concept

    Adults Only +16 – Couples Concept is a collection of contemporary, adults-only hotels. Expect things like inviting pool scenes, sophisticated décor, stylish eateries and standout locations. Adults Only +16 – Couples Concept are all about taking it easy and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.
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